Honestly, I am a bit of a nerd… More honestly, I am a lot of a nerd! I ask questions like the most enthusiastic 3-year old. If I don’t understand something I do research and ask questions until I thoroughly get it.

What that means for you is that I will put the time and effort in to understand your topic or niche until I can translate that information in an easy-to-understand format for your clients or readers.

I spent time working as a training material developer and thus I can take complex ideas and break them down for others to understand. 4 years at university has given me the skills to conduct research that includes using credible, scientific articles and experts as resources.

I also have an understanding of different citing methods and know the difference between UK and American English. I thoroughly grasp the importance of SEO and am able to create content that is SEO-friendly.

My writing, which I have been doing professionally since 2013,  includes a variety of niches, and that might make you skeptically go: “Hmmm?, will she be the right writer for me?’. The answer is ‘Yes’, because I have lived experiences in the niches I write about.

  • For mental health articles – I Have an honours (4-year) degree in Psychology.
  • For yoga, meditation, and mindfulness articles – I am a Hatha yoga teacher.
  • For scuba diving articles – I am a retired scuba dive instructor.
  • For travel articles – I spent 5 years living and traveling abroad.
  • For technical articles – I have created content on everything from the FAIS Act to solar panel products.
  • For digital marketing, SEO, and website-related articles – I have numerous published articles related to SEO and digital marketing. I also own and run 3 websites (www.life108.net, www.bikinifishadventuring.com, and ww.juanitapienaar.com) all of which I have built from scratch.